Air Pressure Sensor APS03/03


The air pressure sensor as used in the 900ie is the Marelli APS03/03. This seems to be a very little used model, at least I have not been able to find much data on the internet, and even someone at the UK Marelli distributor did not know the model. However, based on all the info I gathered regarding this EFI, I think the more known PRT03 can be used as well. This has a range up to 105 kPa (I believe this also goes for the APS03/03), same connector, similar dimensions.
All alternatives below (including OEM / Wholesale) point to the PRT sensor.

If anyone has information that proves different, or even better, the data sheet for the APS03/03, I would be very gratefull to receive that information so I can improve these pages.

Remark: the "/" followed by a number at Marelli indicates a changed model or improvement. /03 can be replaced by /04 etc.

Part Manufacturer Part no. Link Remark
Air Pressure Sensor Marelli APS03/03
data sheet
Alternatives Marelli PRT03/07 data sheet  
    215810001602   PRT03
    215810001604   PRT03
    215810001700   PRT03
    230016070007   PRT03
  Facet 10.3003   PRT03
  Intermotor 16802   PRT03
  Meat-Doria 82051   PRT03
  Lucas SEB177   PRT03
  Solex 16070007   PRT03
  Webcon WMS015   PRT03
OEM / Wholesale Alfa Romeo 60814507   PRT03
    7714662   PRT03
  Bresch 82.051   PRT03
  Citroën 1920J7   PRT03
  Fiat 46531222   PRT03
    60811067   PRT03
    60814507   PRT03
    7714662   PRT03
    9609992380   PRT03
  Peugeot 1920J7   PRT03
  VAG 377906309C   PRT03