Fuel Pump 0628-1B


The original fuel pump from Walbro, as used on the 900ie, is out of production, and only a few are available. The alternative pumps mentined below, are not one to one replacements, but can be regarded as usefull alternatives. Sometimes some work has to be done to make the pump properly fit the connections and the mounting frame.

When replacing the fuel pump, the most important points to look at are:
-Pressure (system pressure is 3 bar, regulated by an adjustable (but sealed) pressure regulator. I am told the original pump can
deliver 5 bar so it doesn't have to work that hard)
-Current draw (the lower the better)


Part Manufacturer Part no. Link Remark
Fuel Pump Walbro 0628-1B
data sheet
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  Bosch 0580464048    
    61448 picture supersedes prev. no.
    61470 picture idem
  Carter / Federal P72018   picture
  Fultrust DRB404   Pierburg Replica
  Master E7334    
  Pierburg 7.21 287.53.0 data sheet  
    7.21 565.70.0 data sheet  
  Sytech 391 data sheet  
  Walbro GSL-393 data sheet drawing
  Weber PI-121    
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